Saturday, September 26, 2009

Class 3 (09/26/2009)

[1] (Alphabets)

ka kha ga gha
ca cha ja jha
Ta Tha Da Dha Na

[2] (Rhyme) ci-TTi ci-la-ka-mma




ci-TTi ci-la-ka-mmaa
a-mma ko-TTi-M-daa?
pa-M-Du te-ccaa-vaa?
guu-Tloo pe-TTaa-vaa?
gu-Tu-kku-na mi-M-gaa-vaa?


small sparrow
has your mom hit you?
have you gone to the garden?
have you brought a fruit?
have you kept in a shelf?
have you swallowed it in one big gulp?

[3] Assignment

Practice the above rhyme

Come up with atleast 15 telugu or english words that contain the sound of the alphabets we have learned today

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Class 2 (09/19/2009)

[1] (Alphabets)

a aa
i ii
u uu
e ee ai
o oo ou
aM aH

[2] Video [Rhyme]

[3] Exercise

Go to google telugu transliteration page and try out typing the telugu alphabet. Make sure that you exercise the keyboard

Identify English words that start with telugu alphabets. Here are some examples.

a : alabama
aa : australia
i : igloo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Class 1 (09/12/2009)

Telugu Keyboard at Google Transliteration

Dear Students:

In this class, we will be using a technique called "transliteration" to teach Telugu.
Transliteration means representing the sounds of one language in another language.

The picture above represents the Telugu alphabet and how it can be represented in English. When I introduce a Telugu word to you in the class, I will try to represent in three ways.

(1) Telugu Word written in Telugu
(2) Same word written in Transliteratiion
(3) Equivalent English word in English

By the way, you can play with Telugu alphabets on Google.
Click here and type your name in English in the text box and see your name appear in Telugu.
Can you try tracing your name in Telugu and show it to me?

Happy Learning

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teacher Introduction

Hello! My name is Siva Jasthi and this my third year at SILC. I signed up to volunteer as a Principal this year and also to teach Telugu. I am very excited to see large enrollment of students in Telugu class and I will try to do my best.

We will learn Telugu alphabets to begin with through books, blogs, rhymes, stories, puzzles and exercizes. We will also explore different topics - colors, days of the week, numbers, relationships, body parts, birds, animals, trees, spices, feelings, time, place, directions, vegetables, fruits, and some conversational telugu (interrogatives and the responses).

I will provide the lesson plan to each of you in the class room. And I also plan to post each week's lesson plan to this blog ( Please make sure that you visit this blog each week. Please feel free to leave comments, questions or any feedback you have.

I would like to see that you leave this year with a feeling of accomplishment that you have learned some Telugu in this class, and also had fun at SILC along the way.

If you should wish to contact me: (651) 276-4671,