Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Ugadi (Nandana)

Happy New Year! - means joy and happiness. Wishing you joy and happiness in this new year. 

Ugadi (U.gaa.di) is Telugu New Year celebrated in Spring. A pickle (pa.cca.Di) made of six different tastes symbolizes the essence of life that life is a mix of different emotions. Poetry Recitations, release of new books, recitation of almanac (predicting how the new year is going to shape up) are also prominent on this day.

Here is a word search puzzle for you.

Nandana / / నందన / Name of this new year 2012-13
Ugaadi / u.gaa.di / ఉగాది / Name of the spring festival
Almanac / / పంచాంగము
Six Tastes / / షడ్రచులు
Poetry Recitation / / కవి సమ్మేళనము
Neem Buds / pu.vvu / వేప పువ్వు / Signifies Bitterness
Raw Mango / pa.cci maa.mi.Di / పచ్చి మామిడి / Signifies Tanginess
Tamarind Juice / ci.M.ta pa.M.Du / చింత పండు పులుసు / Signifies Sourness
Green Chilli / pa.cci kaa.ya / పచ్చి మిరప కాయ /Signifies Hotness
Jaggery / / బెల్లము / Signifies Sweetness
Salt / vu.ppu / ఉప్పు / Signifies Saltiness

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