Saturday, October 3, 2009

Class 4 (10/03/2009)

[1] (Alphabets)

ta tha da dha na
pa pha ba bha ma
ya ra la va sha
Sa sa ha La ~r

[2] Rhyme (vaa.naa vaa.naa va.lla.ppa)




vaanaa vaanaa vallappa!
vaakili tirugu cellappa!

vaanaa vaanaa vallappa!
ceetulu caacuu cellappa!

tiruguu tiruguu timmappa!
tiragaa leenuu narasappa!


Notes: This is song showing the joy of kids playing in the rain;

vallappa, cellappa, timmappa and narasappa are the names of the people.

vaanaa = rain
vaakili = door entrance
tirugu = turn around
ceetulu = hands
caacu = strench
tiragaa leenu = i can't turn aroud

[3] Video (అక్షరాలు,, alphabets)

NOTE: This is telugu alphabet book by famous artist / director / writer  "Bapu".

[4] Let us play: Find the words

Find all the english words that start with the sound "la" in the following picture

[5] Let us play: Say the words

Can you say some english words that contain the sounds of the letters we learnt today?

For example,

pa - pun, purr, punk
ba - bun, but, bum

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