Friday, January 15, 2010

Class 14 (1/16/2010) Happy sa.M.kraa.M.ti /

Find these ten words. The words may appear in any direction.

A harvest festival celebrated in several parts of India; Also called Pongal, Lohri, Uttarayan
A decoration made in front of the house - with chalk powder. The design is made with dots, lines and arcs; and this is later decorated with flowers and colors; Each day is welcomed with a new design
A ball made of cow dung, decorated with colors and flowers and placed in "muggu"
హరి దాసు
Haridaasu - a singer in praise of Lord Vishnu - visits each house during 'SaMkraaMti" festival and collects rice and harvest
డూడూ బసవన్న
Basvanna - accompanied by a decorated ox / cow - plays the flute (called sa.nna.yi) or drums and directs the cow/ox to sit, stand or shake its head
భోగి మంట  ma.M.Ta
bon fire: Old stuff is burned in this bon fire as a symbol of discarding the past and welcoming new 
ధాన్య లక్ష్మి
dhaa.nya  la.xmi
Goddess of harvest
గో మాత
goo  maa.ta
Sacred Cow - is worshipped by Hindus
Sweets are made and shared; "" (fried patties made of flour, sugar and ghee are popular)

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